On 24 November 2017, Lucks and Mikey xxi, two Street Artists from Brisbane & Melbourne were given the opportunity to present their works as a part of an exhibition showcased by one of Australia’s most renown Fine Art Galleries, Bromley & Co, located on Melbourne’s famous Chapel Street.

This short film is a behind the scenes look at the Gallery Showcase and Opening Night featuring speeches by David Bromley and Yuge Yu.

Much thanks to everyone for the support …


Lucks is a great artist and friend to Mikey and both have been collaborating and exhibiting together since their early teens. In 2017 they were blessed to meet, learn from and gain a mentorship from the renowned master artist David Bromley. Bromley has shared direction and techniques to refine their art and help translate street style into gallery showroom, allowing a safe and friendly environment to both view and showcase their creations.

In addition to Lucks and Mikey xxi receiving the opportunity to exhibit their works at Bromley & Co in Melbourne, they were also blessed to have long time friend and film producer, Matt Gordon from Grizz Media by their side to document the journey.

Please enjoy these short films and experience behind the scenes with Lucks and Mikey xxi in the studio and opening night at the gallery show …

Lucks and Mikey – Chapter 1 – In the Studio from Matthew Gordon

Lucks and Mikey – Gallery Exhibition – Melbourne, November 2017 from Matthew Gordon

LUCKS – Good and Bad. from Matthew Gordon